My colors and my flags and what they represent

Posted: August 19, 2010 in African history, Martial arts, Martial arts history

The Red, Black, & Green Flag

My flags and colors mean alot to me, and i do have quite a few. First off is my colors of Red, black, and green. As a revoloutionary these colors hold much significance historically for my people ( African Americans) during the times of civil rights and so forth, but the meaning and connotation of my colors goes far beyond that.  The philosophical aspects are that each color represents something special and unique. RED represents blood, war, a warning of danger, danger and death. It shows the world that i am a warrior and that i train in the ways of the warrior.Red lets the world know that i am willing to shed the blood of my enimies as well as lose my own in battle, fighting for what i believe in. The color Black is the color of life. Contrary to Western thought, black and darkness is seen as a positive and beautiful thing in some aspects. In refrence to being the color of life, the planets and stars of the universe were born of the blackness / darkness of the outer reaches of space and the cosmos. The same as the child is born of the darkness of the mothers womb, and comes into light.  In this context, black in thr color of life. For me, black also represents the spirits of my ancestors and it is the color of the ancients i decend from too. The color  Green represents represents the earth (which is our mother) and all the life we come to know around us.The earth is our mother, home, sustenance, life….our everything. Green can also represent the spring season and new life….the plants are in bloom, the animals return from hibernation to mate, and so forth. When i add red, black and green together, it shows that i am a black warrior of the earth and cosmos, who fights to protect them and the life they sustain.

The Conquering Lion Of Judah Flag

The Lion of Judah with it’s green, gold and red color is the flag of Ethiopia. It is also a known symbol of Emperor Hailee Selassie (also known as Ras Tafari Mekkonen) and his followers the Ras Tafarians. Beyond the religious connotations of the Lion Of Judah , then is a great story of how this symbol the lion with the flag in it’s mouth became Ethiopia’s symbol. There have been many interpretations of this story, I’ll give you the short version of the one I was taught. I was told it some time ago so forgive any slight mis-details. It involves a lion and lioness. Villagers heard loud roars on a daily basis but never knew where they came from. Upon climbing a hill, they looked down to see a lioness circling a lion and repeatedly swiping him with her claws, and biting him. The noble lion took the abuse and  did not strike back, roaring out in pain each time he suffered further damage. At the same time everyday this scenario took place, and this went on for many moons. One day, the lion apparently had enough of the abuse. It finally lashed out at the lioness in one fatal blow, and killed her instantly. The villagers stopped hearing the noise and wondered what happened. Although battered and injured from the long time of taking punishment, the lion made his way to the top of the hillside. The villagers looked on in amazement at the indomitable lion whom had a flag in it’s mouth, the green, gold, and red flag of Ethiopia. From that day forward, the lion with the flag in it’s mouth was added to their national flag as a symbol, the Conquering lion Of Judah.


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