The Fighting Systems Of the Hacomtaewresdo Warrior Arts

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Martial arts

                          The Hacomtaewresdo Warrior Arts
     The following are descriptions of each HCW combat art and what it is comprised of.

Hacomtaewresdo Combative Science Science System (Submission Fighting)
Taewresdo kickboxing is the purely striking oriented system of the Hacomtaewresdo Warrior Arts. It is a Hybrid system of integrated combat disciplines that revolve around standup fighting. It is based in concept off of standup Pankration skills ( Ano Pankration), San Shou Chinese rules kickboxing, and shootboxing. Taewresdo contains aspects of Western Boxing, American Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Sabaki, Judo, standing componets Western grappling, and other disciplines. The Taewresdo warrior trains in long, mid, and close range striking. Clinch fighting with strikes, standing submission, throws and suplexes and trapping that finishes in standing and ground submissions. Countering the wrestler / grappler’s takedown is apart of every HCW system, but emphasized in this system as it has no groundfighting componet. Taewresdo’s goal is to remain on the feet and land percision blows until there is an opening for a submission finish or hard throw, unless you knock the agressor out first. In concepts, the science and principles behind techniques and their execution is taught. This fosters percision, power, explosiveness, and how to attain maximum effectiveness out of all your techniques and combative motions. Although a striking system, the sweet science is taught over unsofisticated slugging and brawling. 

Hacomtaewresdo Martial Art System (Shootfighting )
Hacomtaewresdo Is the flagship fighting system of the Hacomtaewresdo warior arts. It is a Hybrid system of integrated combat disciplines. Conceptually it is based off of African grappling arts, Pankration, Greco-Roman fighting arts, Gladiatorial style fighting, catch wrestling, and Japanese professional wrestling. Not limiting it’s self onty to arts heavily based in grappling, it also has aspects of Western boxing, American Kickboxing, and Taekwondo as well as others. The design of the Hacomtaewresdo system is to be a dynamic, total combat style system. lineage wise, in concept it can be traced back to the ancient Kushite (Ethiopian) martial art of Pan Kau Ra Shen (fighting with the power of Ra, the Egyptian God) which is where grrk Pankration comes from. To utilize your body fully as a weapon, take advantage of your bodily attributes and full range of (combative) motion. Also, to use whatever works, be it orthodox or unorthodox. Technique wise, the system approaches combat in the standoff range ( specific fighting scenarios), strking, trapping (close quarter hand to hand), standing grappling, and ground fighting.Hacomtaewresdo sees these seperate ranges as one whole which is true combat. The Hacomtaewresdo warrior can fight in each of these ranges drawing from a wealth of technique, but more importantly flow from range to range as necessary in the heat of violent exchange. The concepts of combat and fighting are looked at attentively so they can be merged with the knowledge of the various ranges which fosters the total combat ideology.


The Hacomtaewresdo Combative Science System (Submission Fighting) 

 A Hybrid martial art system of integrated combat disciplines.  It is a shoot style system of combatives emphasizing street defense over sport. There are aspects of Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, Judo, Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Hapkido, Sombo, Greco-Roman wrestling, and Judo. In this system, strong fundamentals are stressed as the keys to combat. This system covers striking, trapping, self defense, standing grappling, and groundfighting. How to flow through these ranges as necessary by combat is an important skill taught, making it a total combat style art. This enbles the practitioner to be able to fight in any range, and thus able to control the range they fight in to fight to their advantage and not their agressors. Along with this knowledge (science) are the concepts of urban ( city, street ) awareness and survival. Things like how to spot and avoid danger and ho to pre-empt conflict using verbal de-escalation tactics, what to do at night if being followed on foot, how to deal with robbery and other threats like gangs, multiple attackers, and so forth.

Taewresdo Combative Concepts Kickboxing (Shootboxing)


Sumkido Combative Initiative Self Defense System (Self Preservation fighting)
Sumkido is a Hybrid martial art system of integrated combat disciplines. It is heavily based off of empty hand Samurai style fighting and Hwa Rang Do type martial arts, but the system does not limit it’s self to these methods. There are aspects of Hapkido, Aikido, Judo, Krav Maga, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, and Chin Na within the system.Fundamentals emphasized are are defenses versus punches, kicks, body grabs, clothing grabs, grappling holds, and weapon attacks. The Sumkido warrior learns to fight in the trapping, self defense ( fighting from position of disadvantage), standoff ( scenario based self defense), weapon defense, standing grappling and groundfighting ranges.Technique wise, Sumkido heavily utilizes pain compliance techniques, restraints, locks, pressure point attacks and bone/joint destructions. The reason for this is because Sumkido’s goal is to neautralize any threat quickly. This can be done in one of two ways, assuming control of the opponet making them lose their will to fight ( pain compliance, restraints, etc) or termination of the agressor by breaking bones/joints, incapacitation by choke, etc. In Sumkido and self defense in general, escape is always the best method when in danger. Sukmodo teaches this, but keeps th mindset that you may not be able to escape, or may have to fight your way out, that is if escape is an option.With this in mind, the Sumkido warrior is wiling to put their life on the line in order to save it. To fight to live opposed to being a victim and losing their life.Concept wise, Sumkido emphasizes using the agressor’s energy against themselves. Another concept is the combative initiative mindset. I generally revolves around pre empting your opponet attack by being aware enough to see it comming, and initiating your attack instead of waiting, defending, then attacking. In other knowledge, you are also taught urban ( city , street ) awareness and tactics on how to stay safe, spot dangerous situations, and what to do when danger is imminent.
  1. Jon Watson says:

    I came across your youtube page and followed it here, to your website. I have been going through your personal training history and I have some questions for you. What rank have you acheived in the arts you list as comprising your Taewresdo system? What made you decide to create your own system? With whom did you train in the arts that you combined to form Taewresdo? Thank you.

    • Taewresdo is just one of my fighitng systems, for a detailed training histroy see as for your questions; I am a system founder, but i did not haphazardly throw techniques together and make a set of systems. My training began within my family with my father and godfather being my first instructors. My dad was a U.S Marine and boxer with intermediate martial arts background in Judo as well as some wrestling. My godfather was a Army Sniper and a expert at Wing Chun kung fu. I went on from there to train in many different fightign arts formally and using what i learned from within my family as a base, added the best aspcets of all my learning. There i founded my familys fighitng arts. I founded my own cause i wanted to teach what i felt was truth in combat based on my own application of using martial arts to defend myself as a kid in the streets. Altho i do train fighter for MMA and other competiton, everything i do is based in what i term “urban combatives ” or street self defense. Feel free to check out

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