The Story Of A Young Master

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Martial arts, Martial arts tenets, warrior code, Warrior philosophy

My life story is a very long and intresting one. Many people look at all I have accomplished and assume that I have had it good. No, for each accomplishment I have, I achieved through extreme adversity. I feel I am a born warrior and hence, view my life as a battlefield with me the key combatant. Nothing was ever given to me, I earned all I have and the respect that comes with it by living by my warrior code. At times it was very hard, but that, coupled with my faith and indomitible spirit allowed me to battle my way through many dark days. I paid the cost in mind, body, and spirit to be who I am and stand where I do. I feel divine purpose in my life. I am not religious, but am infinitely spiritual, which I feel is different. I feel being named Abraham at birth was a sign a higher power had plans for me, a destiny. I was told as a little boy I had a great name and had to live up to it. I have walked with that every day, I think it shows. I feel the Creator blessed me with the wisdom, talent, and skills he has for a reason. So I put forth full effort into utilizing this talent for positive purposes, and refuse to fail or give in on any level. I had people telling me what I could not, would not, and am not ready to do, but now these same people show me the utmost respect. The adversity did not instill fear in me at all cause I have been through the fire. There is nothing anyone can say or do to break me or my spirit cause I draw my energy from the power of the universe and the Most High (the Creator). I’ll be the first to admit that I am not an angel, but I am righteous by nature and at heart. I have encountered people / martial artists who see all I accomplished. They see the titles or rank, belts, status, and the material trappings and become jealous. It is silly because those things mean nothing, it is the knowledge I have to share that is important. Their small, insecure minds are stuck on the physical. If all my accolades were erased, I would still be who I am and do what I do. It is my destiny. Nothing they say or do can stop that. I am thankful for the struggles I  have faced in life, cause they made me who I am. Besides, the Creator and my guardian angels watch over me and give me the indomitable spirit to to repeatedly attain victory. With a team like that you cannot lose. I have seen harsh battles and taken some decent damage, but for every time life knocked me down, I rose stronger. One of my favorite personal quotes I made is ; they cannot understand why I cannot be defeated, it is because of my mental, not my physical achievement.

The following is a listing of all the fighting styles / systems that I have studied that make up my knowledge wholistically and that in some form are apart of my martial sciences, the Hacomtaewresdo Warrior Arts

Began Trainning at age 9yrs old in 1992                                 


Street Fighting ( was a streetfighter from day one )

Westerm Boxing



Wing Chun Kung Fu

Bo Staff ( military combatance style, pugil stick)

Japanese Swordsmanship


Special Forces Army Combatives

Tai Merrian Boxing


 WTF Taekwondo


Tai Chi

Jeet Kune Do

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Phillipino Kali

American Combat Sombo

Russian Sombo


Western Boxing

Greco-Roman & Freestyle Wrestling

Catch Wrestling

Pankration / Pancratium

Gladiatorial Style Combat

Submission Fighting

Shootfighting / Shootboxing



 Japanese Style Professional Wrestling

Vale Tudo

Chinese San Shou

Japanese Sabaki Fighting Method



Chin Na

Krav Maga

Tai Chi

Tai Merrian Boxing

African Martial Arts & Sciences

Muay Thai

American Kickboxing

Jeet Kune Do

Fillipino arnis

Kenpo Karate

                               MY OWN INNOVATIONS

Verbal De-escalation

Urban /Street Awareness

Codes of Warriorism Applied To Combatives

Warrior Philosophy

Combative Concepts

Combative Mindset


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