What a true warrior is

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Martial arts, Martial arts tenets, moral tenets, warrior code, Warrior philosophy

                                What A True Warrior Is

    A warrior is not just a person who fights. A true warrior is a scholar, artist, philosopher, fierece combatant, and a spiritual / wise person. They study and  excell in each of these facets and have a code that they live by. They strive to live by it and to attain perfection in their existence on earth. Not all warriors are righteous, as for each one who walks the path of light, there is one who walks in the opposite, but that is a personal choice. For those that are righteous, they use their abilities and wisdom to benefit others and their communities, and to give back to the universe. As my personal quote says, a warrior strives to walk in peace but is prepared for battle. The warrior is someone who brings their mind, body and spirit together to reach the highest level of being. A warrior is usuwally someone who has faced repeated struggle in life yet achieves in the face of this adversity and gains experience. The warrior has an indoimitable spirit and cannot be defeated because they rise back to their feet every time they are knocked down ( 1,000 times down & 1,001 times up ). They understand true defeat is staying down when knocked down, in combat and life.


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