My “legitimacy” as a martial arts “master”

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Martial arts

   Throughout my martial arts career i have been questioned, attacked, and even criticized just as much as i have been praised, congratulated, and admired. I have had people tell me im the baddest man on the planet and on the other hand even had my “legitimacy” attacked. First and formost, as a philosopher and spiritual person, the only true master is the one that created all life. That is my opinion and it is not changing.  Master or any master title is just that in my eyes a professional title. Just like Doctor, Professor and so forth. Man can only be the master of something in his own eyes and the eyes of his fellow man.  To me, being the master of something is just as figurative as perfection or the attainment of perfection. Come to think of it, in order to be a master of something, would you not have to be perfect ? which is something (being perfect) that no one can attain ?!?  Well for the most part, i usuwally try to ignore detractors and all the politics and drama in the profession of the martial arts world cause i am not a politician, i am a warrior.  Sometiemes, in rare situations, you have no choice but to engage, but usuwally i strive to stay above nonsense.  As a sytem founder of my familys form of martial arts, i only answer to those within my family first and formost, and those who taught or trained me ( instructors) outside of my family, respectfully.  People believe what they want, and if they like you, they will praise you, as if they no not like you, they will shun you.  I guess that is very basic psycology of human nature.  Moving on to the point, i have had to deal with my legitimacy and other nonsense being questioned so often and attacked, that i decided to simply place it before the world  to see. Truth is the way of the universe and people of the Tao flow with it rather than oppose it.  Kind of like a Ninja seeking an objective, there is no need to engage the enemy if it is not even necessary.  Complete your objectives, be done with the mission, and move on to the next one.

 Some of my martial arts background as of November 2010


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