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      The following is a reply i posted on a African Martial Arts & Sciences site. It was in reference to the question

“What is the true purpose of training in the warrior arts” ?

      Very deep my felow warrior.  I have always believed the true purpose of training in the warrior arts is to unify what i call the triangle of power or the mind, body and spirit. I like how Asian martial arts ( like those i have studied) all claim to od this , but instructors focus more on sport application or something shallow than to focus on the true purpose. Those are what i call “martial arts”. Whati do i consider “Warrior Arts” cause it focuses on the true aspects. I can tell by how you speak and your concepts, that you are awake to this. The example i use alot is that you can go to school and learn for thr mind, hit the gym for your body, and go to church for your spirit. True warrior arts though encompass and combine all these aspects. For me in my warriror arts, what i consider a modern form of African martial arts, I teach all the aspects i have knowledge of that i feels make a warriors training. From the physical aspects of combat, taught in a effective, progressive fasion only teaching what is effective, to the science and concepts of fighitng and these skills.  Although i focus on modern style combatives, i do not leave out thing like learning control of breath, and knowledge of internal energy and how to use it, and modern healing.  In fitness i teach excercize and how to build and condition the body for he rigors of warriror training and for better health. I teach the aspects of proper nutrition too. In knowledege for the mind, i teach warrior history, starting with the original culture in Africa, and branching out into the others. I also trach Warrior philosophy to instill the right mindset and proper mental attributes befitting a warrior. In the end, i feel the purpose of warrior training is to wholistically develop the individual inside and out to reach their highest level of being. Peace be upon you – Nubianwarrioking , Abraham Hardy of HCW


My life story is a very long and intresting one. Many people look at all I have accomplished and assume that I have had it good. No, for each accomplishment I have, I achieved through extreme adversity. I feel I am a born warrior and hence, view my life as a battlefield with me the key combatant. Nothing was ever given to me, I earned all I have and the respect that comes with it by living by my warrior code. At times it was very hard, but that, coupled with my faith and indomitible spirit allowed me to battle my way through many dark days. I paid the cost in mind, body, and spirit to be who I am and stand where I do. I feel divine purpose in my life. I am not religious, but am infinitely spiritual, which I feel is different. I feel being named Abraham at birth was a sign a higher power had plans for me, a destiny. I was told as a little boy I had a great name and had to live up to it. I have walked with that every day, I think it shows. I feel the Creator blessed me with the wisdom, talent, and skills he has for a reason. So I put forth full effort into utilizing this talent for positive purposes, and refuse to fail or give in on any level. I had people telling me what I could not, would not, and am not ready to do, but now these same people show me the utmost respect. The adversity did not instill fear in me at all cause I have been through the fire. There is nothing anyone can say or do to break me or my spirit cause I draw my energy from the power of the universe and the Most High (the Creator). I’ll be the first to admit that I am not an angel, but I am righteous by nature and at heart. I have encountered people / martial artists who see all I accomplished. They see the titles or rank, belts, status, and the material trappings and become jealous. It is silly because those things mean nothing, it is the knowledge I have to share that is important. Their small, insecure minds are stuck on the physical. If all my accolades were erased, I would still be who I am and do what I do. It is my destiny. Nothing they say or do can stop that. I am thankful for the struggles I  have faced in life, cause they made me who I am. Besides, the Creator and my guardian angels watch over me and give me the indomitable spirit to to repeatedly attain victory. With a team like that you cannot lose. I have seen harsh battles and taken some decent damage, but for every time life knocked me down, I rose stronger. One of my favorite personal quotes I made is ; they cannot understand why I cannot be defeated, it is because of my mental, not my physical achievement.

The following is a listing of all the fighting styles / systems that I have studied that make up my knowledge wholistically and that in some form are apart of my martial sciences, the Hacomtaewresdo Warrior Arts

Began Trainning at age 9yrs old in 1992                                 


Street Fighting ( was a streetfighter from day one )

Westerm Boxing



Wing Chun Kung Fu

Bo Staff ( military combatance style, pugil stick)

Japanese Swordsmanship


Special Forces Army Combatives

Tai Merrian Boxing


 WTF Taekwondo


Tai Chi

Jeet Kune Do

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Phillipino Kali

American Combat Sombo

Russian Sombo


Western Boxing

Greco-Roman & Freestyle Wrestling

Catch Wrestling

Pankration / Pancratium

Gladiatorial Style Combat

Submission Fighting

Shootfighting / Shootboxing



 Japanese Style Professional Wrestling

Vale Tudo

Chinese San Shou

Japanese Sabaki Fighting Method



Chin Na

Krav Maga

Tai Chi

Tai Merrian Boxing

African Martial Arts & Sciences

Muay Thai

American Kickboxing

Jeet Kune Do

Fillipino arnis

Kenpo Karate

                               MY OWN INNOVATIONS

Verbal De-escalation

Urban /Street Awareness

Codes of Warriorism Applied To Combatives

Warrior Philosophy

Combative Concepts

Combative Mindset

                                What A True Warrior Is

    A warrior is not just a person who fights. A true warrior is a scholar, artist, philosopher, fierece combatant, and a spiritual / wise person. They study and  excell in each of these facets and have a code that they live by. They strive to live by it and to attain perfection in their existence on earth. Not all warriors are righteous, as for each one who walks the path of light, there is one who walks in the opposite, but that is a personal choice. For those that are righteous, they use their abilities and wisdom to benefit others and their communities, and to give back to the universe. As my personal quote says, a warrior strives to walk in peace but is prepared for battle. The warrior is someone who brings their mind, body and spirit together to reach the highest level of being. A warrior is usuwally someone who has faced repeated struggle in life yet achieves in the face of this adversity and gains experience. The warrior has an indoimitable spirit and cannot be defeated because they rise back to their feet every time they are knocked down ( 1,000 times down & 1,001 times up ). They understand true defeat is staying down when knocked down, in combat and life.

10 Codes of Hacomtaewresdo Warriorism

In the following, the 10 general codes of Hacomtaewresdo Warriorism in no particular order as well as some philosophical quotes. This is the code of warriorism i have lived by my whole life and have taught to many warriors. Study of Warrior philosophy should be apart of any warrior/hero’s trainning, as all trainning is not physical.

Respect – To consider worthy of high regard
Respect is shown to all unless they show they do not deserve it. It is understood not all deserve respect and respect is only shown to those who desreve it.
* If you cannot humble yourself to others, how can they humble themselves to you

Discipline – Instruction. Trainning in a field of study. Trainning that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character. Orderly or prescribed conduct or behavior.
*We are more anxious to speak or do than we are to listen or observe.

Dedication – Self sacrificing devotion.
the only way to be able to perfornmat one’s best and to achieve the greatest results is through dedication. you should be dedicated to excellence in all you do.
*Mediocrity is the hand rail the unmotivated use to hold their   weak spirits upright.
*Popularity is the small change of the riches of being a legend

Self Control – Restraint excercized over one’s impulses, emotions, and desires.
The warrior must excercize control over their power so that they do not abuse or misuse it. In life, the warrior faces much struggle, fustration, sadness, and even heartache. In these hard times, the warrior cannot let these things change them for the negative, they must have self control, and stick to their righteous teachings and morals. They gain experience through overcomming the struggle which make them a warrior in the first place.
* We cannot shake hands with clenched fists

Responsibility- Able to answer for one’s conduct and obligations. Trustworthy. Able to choose for oneself between right and wrong.
Being responsible is  how a warrior lives up to their duties and purpose in life. They are trustworthy and able to be depended upon, even sacrificing of themselves to fufill their duties. They will stop whatever they are doing to be of help or aid to someone in need, and are a rock in the lives of their friends, family, and community as well as the world.
*It is the responsibility of the warrior to be a role model and promote the spread of positive ideals and behavior.

Integrity – Firm adherence to a code of moral or artistic values. Soundness. Incorruptability. The quality or state of being undivided or complete. Honest.
Character of the warrior, they always maintain their integrity, never allowing themselves to become corrupted by outside situations or influences. they maintain their high moral fiber and righteousness, and strive to constantly better themselves. It is not easy, but they do so without fail.
* In great affairs, men show themselves as they wish to be seen. In small affairs they show themselves as they truly are. dont believe in what you see, believe in what you know.

Honorable – A person of superior standing. One whose worth brings respect.
The warrior arts and lifestyle revolve around honor and being honorable. Ti is a trait of the hero, and attains the trust and respect of others.
* If you want to know what a person is truly like, take notice of how they act during hard times and desperate situations.
*People do not seem to realize that doing what is right is no gurantee against misfortune. You do what is right because it is right, because you should, and because you can make a difference.

Indomitable – Incapable of being subdued. Unconquerable. Courage.
T very big tenet of the warrior is remainning indomitable and having an indomitable spirit. This is where the warrior(or hero) gets the courage to stand up for right for themselves, others, their community and for good in the world in general. The wqarrior always stands firm and never gives in to fear. Although it is a natural emotion, the warrior knows this and does not give into it cause they see it (fear)as comming from within, and see giving in to it as self defeat. Be it versus the enemy on the field of battle or versus the hard times and tough situations in life.
* You do not hold your own in the world by standing on guard, but by attacking and getting well hammered yourself.

Perseverance – To remain steadfast.
Like indomitable spirit, this is like not giving up or giving in. Not on youself or what you may be able to accomplish.the warrior knows that if they maintain perseverance, there is nothing they cannot accomplish. The warrior perseveres through all struggles.
*It is the journey that makes us, not the destination.
*Well begun is halfway done.

Perfection – Freedom from fault or defect. Flawlessness. Exemplification of suppreme excellence. an unsurpassable degree of accuracy or excellence.
The highest ideal the warrior strives to embody their entire lifetime in all their actions. This is how the warrior becomes the best at all they do and achieve mastery in their lives down the path of learning. The warrior lives with no regrets because they strive for perfection everyday in their lives and  live knowing they did their best which is all they can do.